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About Viewz

“A Seamless, Reliable, And Efficient Web-AR Studio for An Immersive, Interactive, And Attractive Shopping Experience”


Based on our belief in the essential role of AR technology in the economic modern world, we decided to build the most seamless, reliable, and efficient augmented reality platform for retailers, to help them promote and display their products in a unique and innovative way.

Viewz is a web-based AR platform that converts the images of your products into Augmented Reality in a seamless easy way to provide you with the ultimate try-before-buy experience for your consumers.

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Why Viewz


Transform Your Online Shop into a selling machine

Mobiles and tablets are an essential part of the way consumers shop nowadays, to remain competitive, you should do more than create a mobile-responsive website, augmenting your products with Viewz will enhance the shopping experiences at your website and help increase your sales.




Viewz seamlessly connects to your website, allowing you to convert your products into AR effortlessly with its user-friendly dashboard, which will help you showcase your products with a long-lasting, immersive, and engaging shopping experience.

Fewer steps to try it,


Viewz does not require app downloading, which many consumers prefer not to, when they are shopping online, which will help you offer the ultimate easy and smooth AR online shopping experience for your customers.

Viewz is an eco-friendly solution that helps reduce emissions by reducing the amount of returned and exchanged merchandise through a try-before-buy AR experience, which meets most consumer demands for sustainable practices.

An Innovative and

Sustainable Solution

Viewz Solution

Art & Design

All purchasing decisions are based on emotions, especially when it comes to buying an art piece or a painting; buyers choose the art piece that reflects their personal taste in their space.

With Viewz you can offer your clients the chance to see and try your art at the place or corner they wish to place it in, which will create a strong emotional connection between your art and them.

Floor products

Most consumers prefer to try the product before buying it, but when it comes to carpets or flooring products, this option is not really available. They can’t envision how the floor tile or carpet will look in their place, but with Viewz, your customers will have the ability to try your floor products in their spaces, not only carpets and rugs, but also floor tiles such as Parquet, Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite, Marble, or Glass tiles.

Also, Viewz can convert a single tile image into an entire floor, allowing your customer to cover their floor with your tiles, and have a real-time experience with it.

Wall Products and Décor

With Viewz you can provide your clients with the ability to try your wall décor products in their place through augmented reality, and choose the piece that fits more with their décor; whether it is a painting, wall hanging, wall art, wallpaper, wall cladding, or any kind wall decor. It is the easiest and most effective way to promote your wall decor and increase your sales, and the most interactive and engaging experience for your customers.

Viewz also provides you with a unique feature, which enables you to convert a single piece of wallpaper pattern image or wall paints into a full wall AR experience, which will let your clients see exactly how it would look in reality and influence their buying decision.

Furniture industry

Furniture is not a product that is easy to move, try or return, by offering your prospects the ability to view and try your furniture in their place you will cut down the hesitation and wondering, and let them make the buying decision quickly and more confidently.

By allowing your customers to try your furniture virtually and see if fits with their place or décor, you will be able to grab their attention and make their life easier, which will convert them into loyal customers.

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